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Do you do commissioned artwork?

My commission status isn't open unless stated so on social media channels. From time to time, I am able to open some slots, so feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram to stay tuned for the next opportunity!

What materials/software do you use?

I do many of my paintings using watercolor, and others are drawn digitally from sketch to finish. For my digital works, I mainly use Procreate (an app for iPad) with an Apple Pencil. When it comes to watercolors, I like to use Holbein paints on 300 gr cotton paper (Canson Moulin du Roy and Saunders Waterford are some of my favorites).

What are (enamel pin) seconds?

I grade my enamel pins according to their general quality. Since pins are handmade items, they might have some imperfections that are completely normal (such a small bubble in the enamel or a dust speck). Pins that have no visible flaws or almost unnoticeable are catalogued as A grade (standard). Seconds are pins that have more apparent flaws, such as tarnished metal that is visible from a certain angle, or bigger imperfections in the paint. They are catalogued in B grade (could almost pass for A grade) and C grade. There is a last grading, D, but these pins aren't put up for sale in my store because they don't meet basic quality standards-- this guarantees that by purchasing seconds you will still receive a cute, perfectly wearable pin for a lower price.

How do preorders work?

Preorders are sales in which the product hasn't been sent to production yet. This helps gather a better idea of how much of a product should be stocked, which is great for more limited products such as apparel. I post regular updates on social media about their status, so feel free to subscribe on those channels in order to stay tuned!

How long will my order take to arrive? Will it make it on time for my friend's birthday?

I have prepared a shipping policy page, but to answer shortly: orders are prepared and shipped as soon as possible (this usually takes 5-6 days, but might take a bit longer in busier seasons such as Christmas). Once they are in the hands of the Spanish Post (Correos), I no longer have control over how long it will take to arrive. Estimated times are included in the shipping policy, but those are based off my experience and don't reflect delays due to other reasons.

I strongly recommend ordering at least 2 months prior to special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines, etc.) and selecting tracked shipping at the checkout to have the best chances.

How do I get a tracking number for my order?

During checkout, you will be able to choose Standard or Tracked shipping. Tracking numbers are only available for the latter, since Standard shipping in my country is untracked. I strongly recommend getting a tracking number if your country's postal system isn't very reliable, since the store isn't responsible for untracked orders that may go missing or undelivered.


If you have further questions, feel free to send a mail to!